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Bad Moms 2

Gift wrap your ‘Merry Christmas Mum’ with some passive-aggressive this season and bring her along to see Bad Moms 2. Set in lead-up to Christmas, the sequel to last summer’s runaway comic hit explores mother-daughter relationships, socially inappropriate behaviour, political correctness and maternal performance anxiety. The original cast of Moms are joined by their screen Moms. Susan Sarandon plays Carla’s (Hahn) mum, a gambler who only turns up on her daughter’s doorstep when she has run out of money. Cheryl Hines rounds out the sextet as Kiki’s over-attached and mildly OCD mum. Baranski (The Good Wife) is a scene stealer as Amy’s (Kunis) domestic despot mother who, in the wake of her daughter’s divorce, plans a Christmas Eve party that features Kenny G and real partridges. We’ll repeat that. Kenny G. Partridges. Merry Christmas Mum.

 “Let’s put the ass back in Christmas!” Carla

Director: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore

Cast: Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn

Genre: Comedy

Rated: MA15+

Consumer Advice: Strong crude sexual humour  

Run Time: TBC

Year of Release: 2017

Ticket Price: $16 ($13 + $3)

Earlier Event: December 6
Later Event: December 8
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