The last program of the 2015/16 summer season is out now! Program 4 is an epic mix of hit blockbuster movies such as Deadpool, Room, The Hateful, Zoolander 2 and great movie classics such as My Neighbour Totoro and The Notebook. Rooftop Movies runs until March 19 so make sure to catch a tear-jerker or slapstick flick on the roof before we pack up for the chilly winter months.

Rooftop Movies, created by the same team that brings you Fringe World Festival, is an open-air cinema experience like no other. We’ve created a pop-up paradise in the centre of the city, complete with a deluxe retro fit-out and eclectic film program. The panoramic views from the beanbags of the Perth city skyline are awesome.

Rooftop Movies is located on the top floor of the City of Perth Roe Street Carpark, 68 Roe Street Northbridge.

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"Well, you tell them that Han Solo just stole back the Millennium Falcon, for good!" - Star Wars: The Force Awakens